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I am a work in progress. I am continually learning how to be my best self, how to live a fulfilling, intentional life. My journey into motherhood, into adulthood, into pursuing a career has taught me to focus on letting go, forgiving myself, and treating myself kindly and gently, so that I always have space to shift back to living by my core values.

Several years ago, I started this blog to reconnect with a piece of myself.  This endeavor launched me on a journey of self-discovery that led to huge shifts in my life. But change isn’t always a welcome, nubile rose. Sometimes change arrives as a thorny, prickly, and completely unpredictable companion…such that any sense of safety and security is mythical.

My foundation was shaken, pulled from under me, tested time and again, and finally yanked away completely. But in that last dramatic vanishing I found myself reborn from the ashes of so much effort, so much striving, such constant vigilance around keeping my shit together. In one last ironic sweep, life showed me the more I grasped for control, the less I had.

This I finally accepted.

And when I did, suddenly all that had swirled and spun in utter chaos around me JUST. STOOD. STILL.

So here I am, quietly rebuilding myself from the same materials I’ve always possessed. But this time my foundation is built with stronger intention, and my blueprints are far more vivid.

Most importantly, I have already forgiven myself in advance for any missteps I may take. That space I’ve created has cleared the path for even more growth on this next part of my journey.


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