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I find that I appreciate things in threes. Maybe it’s superstition, maybe it’s an innate connection, maybe it’s a quirky compulsion, but I tend to find that I like groups of three – three candles set on a windowsill, three framed photos on the wall, three types of food on my dinner plate. I was the third child in my family of three, so perhaps it just comes naturally, but I like three – it’s an odd number that fits neatly into many well-loved, even, composite numbers (6, 12, 24…!) The three things in any combination of mine don’t need to be identical, even, or exact. In fact, I like three mismatched candles, three frames of differing sizes, three kids in one family – each with their own quirks and qualities. Thus begins my journey of threes in the third month of the year. This month’s challenge stems from an inspiration I received in dance class, but it will be structured into sets of three carried out daily.

The first piece of my challenge is to do three sun salutations each day. The time, location, and situation are not relevant, as long as I find and/or make the space within each day to complete those three sun salutations. This afternoon I kicked off the challenge while feeding snack to two toddlers, feuding over what’s “Mine! Mine!” as I breathed deeply, kept my face soft, paused to remind each to speak kindly to one another, lowered into chataranga with strength, inhaled and lifted up, exhaled and pushed to downward dog, pausing to ask one toddler to please not slam the door, and then stepping one foot between my hands to enter into warrior. It was a trying, and yet rewarding, beginning. And I am already looking forward to doing this flow of poses each day in March.

As for the rest of this month’s challenge, I’m still forming the parameters. Thanks to a fabulous suggestion by Tracy Snow – the first true friend I made in college! – I now have the second component of this month’s challenge – start each day by setting three intentions for my day. I will do my best to form one intention each for mind, body, and soul.

I still feel I need one more solid piece to weave this month’s challenge together and to push me just a little further on my quest. I want to exit this month feeling stronger, more focused, more diligent and even more confident. Of course I want this physically, but that’s where the yoga and daily intentions fit in. The question is how to attain this mentally…and how to make that meld with my life. (Not to mention how to translate all of it to a daily challenge. ) I think the answer is threefold…


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